Inspire eBusiness Hosts 1st Annual eBusiness Expo for Start Ups

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Inspire eBusiness holds the first annual eBusiness Expo on Thursday, 29th May 2014 from 1pm – 6pm at the Hamilton Princess to provide “one–stop shop” information to new and start up entrepreneurs interested in starting an online business.

Inspire eBusiness was launched in February 2014 with the objective of supporting and encouraging the development of local e-commerce business in Bermuda with a focus on educating existing and potential entrepreneurs as well as the public about the process of starting an online business and setting up ecommerce on their websites.   To facilitate access to information, a series of seven workshops were held that reviewed each component of establishing an online business.  The upcoming EXPO is a culmination of all the workshops and will effectively allow all service providers and Government bodies related to establishing an online business the opportunity to meet and network with potential entrepreneurs in one location.  Those interested in attending the FREE eBusiness Expo can log on to to register.

Dr The Hon. E. Grant, Gibbons, JP, MP, Minister of Education and Economic Development stated, “The objective of the Inspire E-Business programme is to provide information for aspiring e-entrepreneurs to help with informed decision making.  One of the ways we do that is through the E-Business Expo which offers relevant resources in a one-stop-shop environment.  An indicator of an economy’s strength is its ability to encourage innovation. This E-business Expo is one way we can support creativity in the marketplace and help those who wish to bring their online business ideas to life.”

The Inspire eBusiness initiative was created and sponsored by the Department of E-Commerce within the Ministry of Education and Economic Development, the initiative is coordinated by the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation with support from partners that include the Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative of Bermuda and the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce –Business Technology Division. 

The Minister of Home Affairs, Senator The Hon. Michael Fahy, JP, added that the partnership between BEDC and the Department of E-Commerce is a further example at how the public and private sectors can work together to help to encourage economic growth. 

He continued, “This Expo will provide aspiring eBusiness entrepreneurs with access to information and contacts that will help them to build better businesses which ultimately has a knock on effect.  The exciting part of establishing successful online businesses is the opportunity that exists to become global which is an integral part of becoming a sustainable business in these economic times.  I encourage all entrepreneurs to attend the expo and to be on the lookout for other exciting opportunities, like the Start up Weekend event that is planned for later in the year as part of the Inspire eBusiness initiative.”