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The goal of the Inspire eBusiness initiative is to support and encourage the development of local e-commerce business in Bermuda. This website has been created to provide businesses with an online area they can obtain information about starting up an eBusiness, to help promote Inspire eBusiness and to create a directory of all local eBusinesses. This will continue to evolve as more information is gathered and more eBusinesses come online. The inspire eBusiness Inititiave offers various workshops throughout the year focused on starting and managing your eBusiness effectively.

Inspire eBusiness is sponsored by the Department of E-Commerce within the Ministry of Education and Economic Development , the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation and the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce - Business Technology Division.

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Our Team

BEDC - Event Organizers


Event Organizers

BEDC Mission: To inspire, inform, support and grow new and existing Bermuda businesses through education, guidance, data provision, advocacy, networking and financing. BEDC Vision: To facilitate the creation of an expanded pool of inspired entrepreneurs running successful businesses fueling Bermudas economy.  

Department of ICT Policy and Innovation - Initiative Champion

Department of ICT Policy and Innovation

Initiative Champion

The Mission of the Department of ICT Policy and Innovation is to develop sound policies and regulatory frameworks that promote and enable innovative electronic communications, broadcasting, satellite and ICT-enabled industries and to facilitate the adoption and growth of a secure and advanced digital economy.